America and the Holocaust

středa, 13 březen 2013 15:18

This course studies the phenomenon called “the Americanization of the Holocaust,” a reality of the United States roughly defined as the cultural appropriation of the Nazi genocide. Various scholars have noted how new generations of Americans draw their knowledge of the Shoa, not through testimony of survivors or rigorous historical accounts, but through its cultural representation in the mass media, Hollywood, comics, pseudo-historical accounts, or memorial monuments, among other popular works.

Start time of event

14th March

Anticipated end of event

2th May


The main building of Faculty of Arts, nám. Jana Palacha 2, Praha 1

Type of event

Course, seminar, workshop


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Prague Centre for Jewish Studies

Target group

Academic community and public



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Disabled access


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America and the Holocaust


14th March Class 5: Case study. Schindler’s List (1993) by Steven Spielberg (17:30, room n. 317)

20th March Class 6: Holocaust literature. An introduction (9:10, room n. 138)

21th March Class 7: Case study. The Shawl (1989) by Cynthia Ozick and Maus (1986, 1991) by Art Spiegelman (17:30, room n. 317)

10th April Class 8: Holocaust art vs. history of the Holocaust. The long debate (9:10, room n. 138)

11th April Class 9: Holocaust museums. An introduction and visit to website of USHMM (17:30, room n. 317)

17th April Class 10: Monuments and exhibitions of the Holocaust. An introduction (9:10, room n. 138)

18th April and 2th May Classes 11 & 12: Class presentations of selected case studies (17:30, room n. 317)