Charles University celebrated the anniversary of Jan Hus

čtvrtek, 29 říjen 2015 15:01

Master Jan Hus is a person tightly linked to several places: Husinec, Constance, Bethlehem Chapel, and, to a great extent, also the Charles University. That’s why we wanted to present this important link to the public. Master Jan Hus was the rector of the university in Prague, and his bronze sculpture by Karel Lidický is therefore rightfully built in the internal yard of the Carolinum.

The person of Master Jan Hus is a key topic of 2015 for the Charles University. Therefore, we have prepared a program that commemorates Jan Hus throughout the whole year, especially his university work. On July 2, 2015, the meeting of the academia, attended by numerous Czech and international guests, was carried out to commemorate Hus’s legacy.

Professor Tomáš Zima, the rector of the Charles University, offered the Carolinum premises as a venue for various events during the Commemoration Festival of Master Jan Hus. Throughout Monday, children could learn about historic crafts, learn to juggle, or print out commemoration coins. The program also featured puppet shows, workshops and clown performances.

Charles University also joined other Hus-related festivals prepared by numerous public institutions and other groups and associations. The university has cooperated and coordinated its activities with the Prague City Hall, National Festival and the Commemoration Festival of Master Jan Hus, represented by the committee consisting of the officials of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and the Czechoslovak Hussite Church.

Many experts from the Charles University took also part in the preparation of the documentary movie “Master and Preacher” directed by Zdeněk Pojman, and co-produced by the Charles University for Czech TV. This document, presenting the life of Master Jan Hus in historically relevant yet vivid and attractive form, was broadcasted on July 6 on the ČT 2 channel.

In addition, the Charles University decided to demonstrate its allegiance to Jan Hus’s legacy by preparing the free exhibition “Jan Hus and the University in Prague”, in the Carolinum cloister. The presentation focuses on the relations between Jan Hus and the Prague university, of which he was a student, teacher and, eventually, rector.

A salutation of the Charles University Rector, Professor Tomáš Zima, at the opening of Hus Days on the Old Town Square on July 5, 2015, at 6 PM.

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