Forum 2023: Hundreds of exciting interviews and stories

Thursday, 21 December 2023 14:51

Forum magazine last year continued to provide extensive coverage about the goings-on at Charles University – profiling inspiring personalities and interviewing both established and up-and-coming researchers, academics, innovators, authors and even artists. On a fascinating range of topics.

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Bestelling author Kateřina Tučková spoke to Forum's Helena Zdráhalová in 2023. Tučková is the author ot the massive novel Bílá voda.

In total, in 2023 the close-knit crew behind the Czech and English editions, produced some four hundred articles, interviews and reports. As well, we continued season two of the Forum Radio podcast, totalling more than 260 minutes. You can find the latest stories at both and (with some crossover at Charles University’s main webpage and read five print issues annually: four in Czech and one in English, traditionally published on the cusp of the New Year.

Forum magazine also publishes the annual Student Handbook and oversees the university’s prestigious photo bank, where we added more than 300 photos and portraits this year.

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In Czech, Forum is published as a quarterly. At the end of the row: the soon-to-be released Forum EN. Issue No. 12.

In terms of stories, many naturally focused on science, the forte of our very own Pavla Hubálková who profiled new ERC grant winners as well as ground breaking research and students and science abroad. Marcela Uhlíková also covered science and spoke to recent national Czech Head Award winners and covered a major ombuds conference at the university, while CZ editor Jiří Novák profiled some of the school’s best sports personalities and most successful alumni. Former editor-in-chief Martin Rychlík, a Magnesia Litera Award winner, stepped down in September but continues to write for Forum, covering fascinating areas in arts and culture as well as languages and cultural anthropology. Writers Jitka Jiřičková and Helena Zdráhalová continued to cover a myriad of intriguing topics, providing unique coverage from the faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové and the Faculty of Education as well as the world of arts and literature, respectively. Forum now heads into the New Year with a new chief editor at the helm, our very own Tereza Kůstková.

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We are most pleased if you enjoy Forum EN as well: EN editor Jan Velinger continues to oversee articles in English, whether original or translated from Czech. We invite you to pick up the upcoming print issue of Forum EN once it becomes available - follow Jan's X/twitter feed for details. The issue features a profile of a Czech scientist who worked on the incredible James Watt Space Telescope. The JWST was  launched into space just over two years ago and brings us incredible images almost daily from within our solar system to the early universe. The issue also looks at the partnership between Charles University and the University of St Andrews and features an exclusive interview with acclaimed poet and academic Peter Mackay, who was a guest at the Faculty of Arts last autumn.

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Poet, academic and guest at the Faculty of Arts last year, Peter Mackay, photographed in the autumn by Michal Novotný for Forum magazine. 

It is both a privilege and pleasure to write for Forum magazine. We hope to bring you plenty of exciting new content in the coming year. Follow us on X/twitter and other social media, in English and Czech.

Author: Jan Velinger
Photo: Forum, Shutterstock

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