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A scientific team led by Matyáš Fendrych from the Faculty of Science of Charles University has succeeded in discovering a new signalling mechanism in the so-called fast auxin pathway. And explained results in a publication just a few days ago.

“Universities in some ways are run like big corporations. This has at times resulted in criticism from faculty that see the corporatisation of higher education as a recent issue,” says Klara Jelínková, VP and Chief Information Officer at Harvard.

Ivana Schnur graduated from the First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University and thought she would focus on pain management in oncology. But despite a few detours and “twists of fate”, she instead co-founded and runs Sensely a few years ago – a company that develops artificial intelligence to make nurses' and doctors' jobs easier.

There are more than 3‚000 species of termites, and their combined mass is greater than the combined mass of all human beings on the planet. They’re best known as pests that can gnaw through your house, but only in recent years has more research been done into their significance for the ecosystem.

The US-based immunologist Václav Větvička says there couldn’t have been more than five people on the plane when he recently traveled back to the Czech Republic. Because of Covid−19. As a scientist, Větvička has been outspoken about what we can – and should – be doing to stay safe. And really do we have any other choice before we get the vaccine?