Sci-fi: A sandbox for daring new ideas

Photo: J. Nováková's archive, Shutterstock
Friday, 16 April 2021 08:37

“Have you ever imagined what life would be like if it evolved in a cold ocean beneath an impenetrable shell of ice, or on a world whose haze obscured the universe beyond?” That is a question posed by members of EAI such as Julie Nováková, a biologist and PhD student at Charles University, launching a campaign to publish a new sci-fi anthology.

Diabetes is the reason I am a professional cyclist

Author : Jiří Novák
Photo: Team Novo Nordisk, V. Šňupárek archive
Monday, 29 March 2021 20:26

Václav Šňupárek is a Master’s student at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport who competed in many sports before becoming a professional cyclist. He is a member of Team Novo Nordisk, a team unlike any other whose athletes all have Type-1 diabetes. 

A med student making a difference in Uganda

Author : Marcela Uhlíková
Photo: Vladimír Šigut, interviewee's archive
Sunday, 21 March 2021 18:07

Even as a little girl she dreamed of being a doctor one day and later admired the organisation Doctors without Borders. Now, med student Markéta Malecová is a few months away from completing her studies and becoming a doctor herself. She has already made an impact, helping children at a very special hospital in Uganda.

Clear masks are essential

Author : Marcela Uhlíková
Photo: Vladimír Šigut
Wednesday, 03 March 2021 22:35

The idea to sew face masks came to her long before they were widely needed during the pandemic: Faculty of Arts student Kristýna Šimralová attended a lecture on opportunities for the Deaf, showing how even tough barriers can be overcome. She opted to make face masks with a clear window, which make it easier to read lips.

Makeup at the starting line, mud at the finish

Author : Jitka Jiřičková
Photo: Miloš Lubas
Sunday, 03 January 2021 15:41

In her third year at the Faculty of Education, Tereza Neumanová is a woman of contrasts: someone who lives for the bike but also hopes to teach one day. Who has no qualms about grinding through the mud but carefully applies makeup before every race.

I live for hockey but it’s important to have a backup plan

Photo: Jiří Novák, Ronald Hansel
Thursday, 10 September 2020 19:45

CU student and Slavia Prague hockey player Jaroslav Brož had never had such a long break: not until the outbreak of Covid-19. As the country locked down in March, no one knew what would come next.

Lenka Štěrbová began swimming when she was four; 12 years later, she became the youngest Czech to swim the English Channel. Today, she dreams of taking on the Channel again but just a little later in her sports career. This time there and back.

Kubová: the pandemic prolonged my swimming career

Photo: Jiří Novák
Thursday, 13 August 2020 16:51

Originally, Charles University’s Simona Kubová had hoped to be competing this summer for her first Olympic medal in Tokyo. The coronavirus pandemic, however, saw an end to that.

At the top of her game: field hockey and medicine

Photo: René Volfík, archiv Lucie Ledvinové
Wednesday, 29 July 2020 21:01

Originally, she wanted to be a ballerina but 24-year-old Lucie Ledvinová, a fifth-year student at CU’s First Faculty of Medicine, choose field hockey cleats over pointe shoes. Ledvinová, who is with the top flight club SK Slavia Prague, has been playing the game since she was a pre-schooler.

“The response by volunteers to our online initiative was immediate”

Photo: Shutterstock, Archive of David Kulišiak
Tuesday, 12 May 2020 14:00

Students at Charles University’s medical faculties wasted little time pooling their strengths in the face of the emerging crisis.

From students on the front lines to pilots delivering medical supplies

Photo: Charles University, PragueVolunteering, pilotilidem archives
Tuesday, 12 May 2020 14:00

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out large numbers of volunteers across the country, offering help in a time of unprecedented crisis.

Reviving Sark Norman

Photo: Shutterstock, Martin Neudörfl’s personal archive
Monday, 27 January 2020 16:45

The Channel Islands are located in the English Channel and what is special about them is that most have retained their original Norman language.

Fighting Talk: Kickboxer Terezka Cvingerová

Photo: René Volfík, archive of Terezka Cvingerová
Wednesday, 16 October 2019 17:16

Kickboxer Terezka Cvingerová made headlines when she won gold and bronze medals at the first-ever European Universities Combat Championships in Zagreb, Croatia. Cvingerová won the gold in the LC 65+ category edging Croatian Elizabeta Crnković on home turf.

Rocking the Ice: CU student Alžběta Baudyšová

Photo: Stephen Fisher, Jeffrey Au, Štěpán Mikuda, Kamila Kohoutová
Wednesday, 28 August 2019 13:31

The Czech Women’s Curling team ranks 10th in the world rankings and last year finished sixth in the World Championship. The Faculty of Sciences’ Alžběta Baudyšová – who is completing her degree and says she hopes to teach and work as a trainer one day – for now she also is totally focussed on getting the best results in a cool sport referred to as “Chess on Ice”

He is a student at the Faculty of Science’s Department of Geography and is extremely intelligent. As in off the charts: an IQ of 160+. Radek Pileček. A young man known for having cast doubt on elections results and who came in second in the ‘Smartest Czech’ competition.

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