• In pictures: Vaccines rolled out at university hospital

    Following vaccinations of health care workers and personnel and clients at senior homes, the Czech Republic rolled out the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for seniors 80 and over just a few days ago. Our photographer took a closer look.

    Photo: Martin Pinkas
  • What rats dream about in their sleep - and why it matters

    Sleep is Karel Blahna’s focus of research. At the Biomedical Center at Charles University’s Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň, he looks into how the brain’s sleep activity changes in sickness and health. He was able to put together a team and conduct research thanks to support from CU’s Primus programme.

    Photo: Hynek Glos
  • Neuron broadcast with CU experts focuses on vaccines

    Friday 15. January 2021

    Even though vaccination for Covid-19 has begun in the Czech Republic, there are still many people who remain sceptical and have expressed fear or doubts. Anyone among the broader public wanting to view a serious debate on the matter should look up a discussion that was live this week organised by the Neuron Endowment Fund.

  • Makeup at the starting line, mud at the finish

    Sunday 3. January 2021

    In her third year at the Faculty of Education, Tereza Neumanová is a woman of contrasts: someone who lives for the bike but also hopes to teach one day. Who has no qualms about grinding through the mud but carefully applies makeup before every race.

  • Hilský - Shakespeare's England: Portrait of an Age

    Wednesday 16. December 2020

    Martin Hilský is one of the country’s most prominent translators of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets into Czech. In 2011, his translations were published in a single volume The Complete Works (Dílo). Now, Academia has followed up with Shakespeare’s England: Portrait of an Age.

  • FORUM EN9 2/2020

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  • Forum 52 4/2020

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