CU this week hosted a high-level conference on the European Union as "a success story". The event, focusing on the benefits of EU enlargement, brought together key speakers who recalled how accession had changed and ultimately improved citizens’ lives.

Of the many institutes at Charles University, one of the most important for the school as well as for the broader public, is the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies. It is dedicated to teaching Czech and English to foreigners and preparing int'l students.

The University of Manchester is Europe’s top university for its social and environmental impact in the most recent the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings and the QS Sustainability Ranking. Julian Skyrme, the university’s Director of Social Responsibility, is the driving force behind its strategy. 

The attraction of comic books

Author : Jiří Novák
Photo: Vladimír Šigut, CREW
Monday, 05 February 2024 12:54

Comics have come a long way since they were introduced in the late 19th century. Over the decades, graphic novels became more sophisticated, pushing and redefining artistic and narrative boundaries. Years ago, Petr Litoš - a CU graduate – co-founded comic book publisher CREW which is a powerhouse on the Czech market today.

A single overly academic syllable can sink a poem

Author : Petra Johana Poncarová
Photo: Michal Novotný, Shutterstock
Wednesday, 10 January 2024 12:41

Peter Mackay has been hailed by critics as the best poet of his generation writing in Scottish Gaelic. He currently works at the School of English at the University of St Andrews and also serves as the captain of the Scottish Writers’ Football Team.

Forum 2023: Hundreds of exciting interviews and stories

Author : Jan Velinger
Photo: Forum, Shutterstock
Thursday, 21 December 2023 14:51

Forum magazine last year continued to provide extensive coverage about the goings-on at Charles University – profiling inspiring personalities and interviewing both established and up-and-coming researchers, academics, innovators, and artists.

November 17 is Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day, commemorating students in 1989 who were savagely beaten by communist riot police. The infamous event sparked the Velvet Revolution that would bring down communism in Czechoslovakia. 

Podcast: Data posting should be on a regular basis

Author : Lenka Miklankova, Katarína Stehlíková
Photo: CERGE-EI, Shutterstock
Monday, 09 October 2023 15:49

In the newest episode of Talking Economics, we talk about behavioral economics with special guest, Andreas Ortmann, a professor at the University of New South Wales Business School in Sydney and a former professor and researcher at CERGE-EI.

Podcast: The Future of Monetary System?

Author : Katarína Stehlíková, Lenka Miklanková
Photo: CERGE-EI, Shutterstock
Wednesday, 30 August 2023 12:29

In the ever-evolving world of financial services, Central Bank Digital Currencies emerged as a potential game-changer. While cryptocurrencies have gained popularity over the years, Central Bank Digital Currencies potentially combine the benefits of digital currencies with the stability and control of central banks.

It’s no secret that learning Czech can be tricky when it comes to grammar or pronunciation. Some would say especially the pronunciation of words sprinkled with Czech diacritics is tough. Recently the Faculty of Arts rolled out a game-changer: a state-of-the-art pronunciation app which is making it easier and more fun to learn the language.

“Corporate research still has a hard time in the Czech Republic, there is a lack of targeted support,” says Martin Dienstbier, who graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and co-founded the successful company DIANA Biotechnologies.

Och: At KVIFF, we are a close-knit team that lives for film

Author : Helena Zdráhalová
Photo: Hynek Glos
Thursday, 06 July 2023 10:26

“Any discussion about a good film inevitably ends up being a discussion about life,” says Karel Och, the artistic director of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. A graduate of film studies at Charles University, Och has been a part of KVIFF for years. 

In innovation, Israel is like a "triple espresso"

Photo: Pavla Hubalková personal archive
Sunday, 25 June 2023 18:07

How did a country that exported oranges in the 1950s become a world leader in innovation, and can that success be replicated? This is what the participants of the 3rd Women's Mission to Israel, including Pavla Hubálková from Forum, found out.

Don't fear change: Lessons from Utrecht & Copenhagen

Author : Pavla Hubálková
Photo: P. Hubálková's personal archive
Tuesday, 20 June 2023 13:22

What do the Universities of Copenhagen and Utrecht have in common? In a nutshell, they make data-driven decisions even in communication and have successfully changed their visual identity in recent years. Pavla Hubálková found out more.

Podcast: What direction are CEE economies headed?

Author : Lenka Miklánková, Katarína Stehlíková
Photo: CERGE-EI, Shutterstock
Monday, 12 June 2023 17:27

In the most recent episode of Talking Economics, we discuss the CEE region’s economic performance with Katarzyna Rzentarzewska, our alumna and Chief CEE Macro Analyst at Erste Group, Vienna.

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