Jan Velinger

Jan Velinger

Studied film directing at FAMU in Prague and began in current affairs in commercial television in 1996. Worked as a reporter and presenter at the English service of Czech Radio for more than sixteen years, before joining Charles University’s media team in June 2018. He is responsible for the English edition of Forum Magazine and Forum Radio podcasts.

Thursday, 23 May 2024 10:17

Annual Sports Day got university moving

The Rector's Sports Day offered staff and students at Charles University numerous opportunities to burn calories at various sports venues in Prague, Hradec Králové and Plzeň. The event was organised by the Department of Physical Education of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University.

In Talking Economics, we discuss labour markets in developing countries with Andreas Menzel, an Associate Professor at CERGE-EI. Andreas’s research projects focus on development economics with fieldwork in Ghana, Tanzania, and Bangladesh.

On Friday, Charles University hosted a highly successful, much-awaited conference entitled “Building Excellence in International Joint Study Programmes”. Under the auspices of Rector Milena Králíčková, the meeting of int'l experts went off without a hitch.

Members of the International Advisory Board at CU gathered for their annual meeting in Prague this week to discuss developments at the university over the last year and to discuss plans moving forward. The role of the IAB, as the name suggests, is largely to help.

In 1990, he became the first ever Czech Minister of the Environment and was a member of the Czech National Council and a senator. Professor Bedřich Moldan was also the founder of the Centre for Environmental Issues of Charles University.

Monday, 06 May 2024 00:00

Work & Study: Work meets research

It’s quite common for international students to work during their studies. But remote jobs or foreign language tutoring aren’t the only options. Especially for PhD candidates who just embarked on their journey into the academic realm. One such example is our student Adel Petrovic. 

“The European Union was in good shape economically at the time, and at the same time saw no geopolitical danger in enlargement.” That is how CU Professor Ivo Šlosarčík describes EU enlargement that took place on 1 May 2004. 

Representatives of the eight prestigious universities that make up the 4EU+ Alliance met over two days at CU this week to chart the course for the coming decade. CU, as one of the founding members, was a fitting venue for a meeting on the newest goals.

Thursday, 18 April 2024 09:01

Secrets of the Moravian Karst

Can you imagine analysing a buried vessel once used in a ritual? Or investigating an ancient burial site for elites from the Hallstatt culture in the Moravian Karst? Archaeologist and Charles University doctoral student Zuzana Golec Mírová has done that - and more.

CU this week hosted a high-level conference on the European Union as "a success story". The event, focusing on the benefits of EU enlargement, brought together key speakers who recalled how accession had changed and ultimately improved citizens’ lives.

Friday, 05 April 2024 09:01

Designing  better medication

“In addition to research, I also work in a pharmacy, and often hear from elderly patients how hard some medical tablets are for them to swallow. That is why I focused on developing tablets that disperse in the mouth,” says Thao Tranová, a postgraduate student at Charles University.

Tuesday, 02 April 2024 00:14

Alone but not lonely

"Thank you for being the best dad I could ever ask for.’ Sent. It was New Year’s Eve. Fireworks were going off everywhere and I could no longer concentrate on the work..." In this edition of Insight, CU med student Fatima Ahmed writes about one of the costs of studying abroad: often missing important events with loved ones at home. But she also writes about new experiences gained.

Of the many institutes at Charles University, one of the most important for the school as well as for the broader public, is the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies. It is dedicated to teaching Czech and English to foreigners and preparing int'l students.

It is among 20 research projects newly supported by Charles University. A unique University Centre for Conflict and Post-Conflict Studies in Central Europe has been established at the Faculty of Law under the leadership of Professor Veronika Bílková.

Ever wondered how women in top positions handle their jobs and what they prioritise in terms of their teams or why so many find the time to pursue sports in their free time? This year the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport marked International Women's Day. 

Friday, 01 March 2024 09:03

A truly memorable Welcome Day

Welcome Days are important and if you're a continuing or new incoming student, here's what you can look forward to. On 3 October 2023, we welcomed new international degree students at Charles University. We started officially with a welcome speech for all attendees, a bit about the history of CU and more.

Tuesday, 27 February 2024 11:41

"Focus on what you're good at and double it"

The University of Manchester is Europe’s top university for its social and environmental impact in the most recent the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings and the QS Sustainability Ranking. Julian Skyrme, the university’s Director of Social Responsibility, is the driving force behind its strategy. 

Jan Šír from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University has long focused on political and security developments in the post-Soviet republics. In his view, it is now primarily up to the West whether it will tolerate Putin's Russia's agression.

Wednesday, 21 February 2024 15:32

Outstanding team leader & cardiologist

She is an internationally recognised Czech scientist and recently became the first woman to receive the Czech Head Award. Professor Zuzana Moťovská received the government’s top scientific prize for 2023 for her outstanding contribution to the field of cardiology.

Univerzita Karlova nedávno představila rozsáhlý výzkumný projekt Beyond security: The role of conflict in building resilience (CoRe). V rámci projektu, jehož cílem je prozkoumat dopady krizí, se uskuteční nesčetné množství studií mnoha účastníků napříč obory.

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