Analysis: The US had few options left

Photo: Interviewee's personal archive, Shutterstock
Sunday, 29 August 2021 17:54

The last three weeks brought about a dramatic turn of events in Afghanistan with the collapse of the central government and the return of the Taliban. How did the US get into such a position after almost 20 years’ involvement? Forum discussed the situation with Jiří Pondělíček of Charles University’s Department of North American Studies.

We tested a new e-bike between faculties!

Author: Jitka Jiřičková
Photo: Martin Pinkas
Sunday, 22 August 2021 20:43

“Riding an electric bike is a euphoric experience. You no longer feel the bump of cobblestones or curbs. You can just pedal and revel in the speed,” says Forum’s Jitka Jiřičková. The new bikes should be available to staff at CU in September. Two of our vice-rectors, Radka Wildová and Jan Royt, tried the bikes ahead of time… as did our reporter.

WIPO Summer School at Charles University

Photo: Interviewee's personal archive, CU archive, Shutterstock
Thursday, 08 July 2021 19:02

Charles University’s Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer is partnering with WIPO to hold an online Summer School this September. The school is an opportunity for participants to earn a prestigious credential from WIPO - a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Coimbra Group annual conference held

Photo: René Volfík, Shutterstock
Wednesday, 16 June 2021 20:14

The Coimbra Group Annual Conference began on Wednesday, this year hosted online by Charles University. Among the main topics are sustainability, post-pandemic cooperation, and help for students. The Coimbra Group brings together 41 universities from 23 countries.

Tsikhanouskaya: We want free elections

Photo: Vladimír Šigut
Monday, 07 June 2021 20:19

Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya is on a four-day visit to the Czech Republic. The leader was invited to Prague by the speaker of the Senate, Miloš Vystrčil. On Monday afternoon, she and her team met for talks at Charles University. On the agenda: ways to help students and to support democracy in Belarus.

Welcome Centre: A crucial hub for foreign staff

Photo: Vladimír Šigut, Shutterstock
Friday, 28 May 2021 08:17

Charles University saw important changes over the last year-and-a-half, among them the relocation of student/employee services, CU Point, to Celetná 13. It is a central hub including the CU Staff Welcome Centre, helping foreign researchers with work stays.

The Carolinum awaits new pipe organ

Author: Marcela Uhlíková
Photo: Vladimír Šigut
Monday, 17 May 2021 08:14

From outside it has barely been audible but the last few weeks the historic Carolinum has echoed with the sounds of construction. Not just hallways but also a part of the Great Hall itself is being renovated, ahead of the installation of a new pipe organ. 

Getting back in shape post-pandemic

Photo: Vladimír Šigut, Shutterstock
Friday, 30 April 2021 08:59

Getting back in shape after the Covid pandemic was the topic of a live webinar hosted by Charles University on Thursday with a panel of experts discussing the impact of the virus on public health. A drop in physical activity among those who worked from home, as well as lingering post-Covid symptoms among patients, were looked at.

Views: Comenius would be proud

Author: Pavla Hubálková
Photo: CU archive, Shutterstock
Monday, 29 March 2021 01:40

Sunday, 28 March, was Teachers’ Day in the Czech Republic, held on the anniversary of the birth of the renowned Czech educational reformer and theologian Jan Amos Komenský (Comenius) in 1592. Do today's teachers still rely on principles laid down by the great educationalist? And how have they fared during the pandemic?

Experts: Outbreak was only a matter of time

Photo: Vladimir Šigut
Wednesday, 24 March 2021 15:15

Speakers at a one-day conference at Charles University focusing on the pandemic more than a year on agreed: an outbreak  such as the one we have seen was a ticking time bomb. Despite how prepared we might be in terms of knowledge, virologist Ladislav Machala said globalisation had shown we have never been “more vulnerable.“

Researching social interaction during the pandemic

Photo: Hynek Glos, Vladimír Šigut, Shutterstock
Friday, 26 February 2021 16:59

A new study by economists at the CERGE-EI think-tank IDEA researching social interaction and the spread of Covid-19, provides answers to where mistakes were made during the pandemic. March 1 marks exactly one year since the Czech Republic registered its first two cases of the novel coronavirus.

More than 14,000 vaccine doses administered at Bulovka

Author: Martin Rychlik
Photo: Vladimír Šigut
Sunday, 07 February 2021 21:59

Vaccination has gotten underway at Bulovka University Hospital in Prague - a hospital that cooperates closely with Charles University medical faculties 1-3. Forum photographer Vladimír Šigut got a closer look.

Experts worry alcohol abuse on rise during pandemic

Photo: Miroslav Barták's personal archive, Marcela Uhlíková, Shutterstock
Thursday, 04 February 2021 08:14

Next month it will be a year that Czechs first went into lockdown because of Covid-19. There are concerns that over that time more and more people are drinking at home and in excess. I spoke to Dr. Miroslav Barták of the Department of Addictology at Charles University about the growing risk.

CU webinar targets fake news about Covid-19

Photo: Vladimír Šigut, Hynek Glos
Friday, 29 January 2021 09:01

This week Charles University hosted a webinar as part of its continuing public debate series Česko a jak dál. The topic was disinformation and fake news in connection with Covid-19. Disinformation has been part of the mix from the very beginning of the pandemic.

In pictures: Vaccines rolled out at university hospital

Author: Jiří Novák
Photo: Martin Pinkas
Tuesday, 26 January 2021 09:34

Following vaccinations of health care workers and personnel and clients at senior homes, the Czech Republic rolled out the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for seniors 80 and over just a few days ago. Our photographer took a closer look.

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