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Charles University recently outlined the scope of a major research project. Beyond security: The role of conflict in building resilience will bring together studies by numerous participants, across disciplines, to examine the impact of crises.

It has been almost two years since the Russian attack on Ukraine began at dawn on 24 February 2022. Ahead of the sombre anniversary, Forum reports on the work of Ukrainian scientists and scholars at Charles University.

“I have twenty kids in each classroom that I can influence, inspire, or teach critical thinking. I teach multiple classes and I have an impact on many children’s lives. That’s the beauty of the teaching profession,” says Daniel Pražak, a teacher, education populariser, and PhD student at CU.

Charles University on Friday jointly launched a new Supply Chain Resilience Center together with the National Chengchi University in Taiwan. The centre is part of a multifaceted project that will research the stability of supply chains and more.

"Our goal is to understand the limits of what the vertebrate eye is capable of! By studying the eye of deep-sea fish, we can also learn many useful insights about the human eye" says CU's Zuzana Musilová  - awarded a prestigious ERC Consolidator grant.

"We previously described rapid auxin speciation in the root of a model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Now we want to focus on this in other parts of plants, bringing us closer to practical applications," says Matyáš Fendrych from the Faculty of Science.

Biologist Petr Pyšek is the proud holder of the prestigious Czech Head award recognising his life’s work. He received the award in 2022 for the study of invasive organisms. “Invasive ecology is a field that examines how humans spread plants and animals around the world and guages their impact on nature,” he explains.

Charles University and delegates from the University of St Andrews had a chance to catch up this week in Prague, to reflect on past successes within their partnership agreement and build on further cooperation in the future. 

In today’s podcast we delve into the complexities of managing a prestigious institution like Charles University. My guest is Aleš Vlk, an expert in higher education policy, science policy a vice-dean at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.

Having a publication in Nature or talking about your research on TV is not enough! What matters is the real societal impact, they emphasise at University College Dublin. Pavla Hubálková found out how research and science communication is approached there.

This Tuesday, Charles University hosted a much-awaited conference organised by Science|Business and the Science|Business Widening initiative. The event was part of a series of debates on how to transform the Widening Programme.

"One of the panel members made everybody chuckle during the interview when he said that I had cleverly designed a project on the joys of what most of us do most of the day," says Anežka Kuzmičová. She has won a prestigious ERC Starting Grant.

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