Science at CU: The era of superspecialists is ending

Sunday, 02 June 2024 18:47

 "The era of superspecialists is coming to an end, the future belongs to graduates who are able to connect individual disciplines and find solutions to complex problems," says molecular biologist Jan Černý from the Faculty of Science, who co-founded the new Bachelor of Science programme following the example of top foreign universities. More in one minute.


"Thirty years of my experience as a scientist and teacher tells me that science is changing enormously and will need new people. And that's where our Science curriculum is headed. We are trying to prepare new successful scientists who will actually answer questions about how our world works," summarises biologist Jan Černý from the Faculty of Science.

"The idea for the Science degree programme came about on my birthday, when I met my colleague Petr Nachtigall and we realised that we shared the same dream. And that was to create a degree program that we would like to study ourselves, to be in the situation of today's young, curious people."

For the purposes of the new degree program, they established entirely new courses that combine physics, chemistry, biology with a lot of math and programming. Another specific feature of the Science degree programme is that it is conducted entirely in English, and this logically attracts science talent from abroad.

"The goals of our study programme are not small. We want to make a small Czech Cambridge in Prague. We have finished the first semester, the first exam period, and we feel that we are on the right track," Černý adds. More in a separate article.

All videos are produced with Czech and English subtitles.

Science at CU in one minute

The Science at Charles University series of short videos showcases the diversity of science at Charles University. In previous episodes, mathematician Erin Carson, teacher Daniel Pražák, and cybersecurity expert Lucie Kadlecová have already presented their research.

Where did the filming take place?

 For molecular biologist, popular teacher, organizer of various competitions, such as the Biology Olympiad, and last but not least, an avid popularizer of science, Jan Černý's scientific home is the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague's Albertov district. "Sorry, it just came out that we have a mouse experiment tomorrow - the twelfth day after giving birth - and I'll have to run off to help a graduate student with her experiment," Jan Černý apologised the day before the shoot. With the camera, we got a glimpse of him "in action" as he helped his student with an experiment in the lab, took us to the practicum where the students were currently teaching, and to his favourite backyard where he likes to discuss with his colleagues.

Photo: Daniel Hotový

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