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When you seek a divorce in the US, it is likely that the court will recommend or even order you to try to resolve the split by mediation first. Noemi Kotrlá, a student at the Faculty of Law, has focused on out-of-court dispute resolution.

Friends of Charles University this week attended the 20th annual university garden party, traditionally held on 24 June. The well-established festivity, held under the auspices of the Czech Senate, took place at Wallenstein Garden.

Aarhus University is the second largest and second oldest university in Denmark, located in the country's second largest city. The university stands out for its strong international focus.

A total of 26 Czech scientists, students or representatives of non-governmental organizations have succeeded in the prestigious competition for the Fulbright Scholarship. Among them are nine colleagues from Charles University.

In the latest Insight, student ambassador Fatima Ahmed outlines the ins and outs of the exam period. How to survive, how to stay on your game and not burn the candle at both ends. Both a fun read and great, practical advice.

Charles University hosts a great many events but last week saw one that was truly exceptional: MIT Global Experiences. The conference brought together representatives from academia, science, and the world of venture capital. Special guests included Justin Leahey of MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives.

The Rector's Sports Day offered staff and students at Charles University numerous opportunities to burn calories at various sports venues in Prague, Hradec Králové and Plzeň. The event was organised by the Department of Physical Education of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University.

It’s quite common for international students to work during their studies. But remote jobs or foreign language tutoring aren’t the only options. Especially for PhD candidates who just embarked on their journey into the academic realm. One such example is our student Adel Petrovic. 

"Thank you for being the best dad I could ever ask for.’ Sent. It was New Year’s Eve. Fireworks were going off everywhere and I could no longer concentrate on the work..." In this edition of Insight, CU med student Fatima Ahmed writes about one of the costs of studying abroad: often missing important events with loved ones at home. But she also writes about new experiences gained.

Welcome Days are important and if you're a continuing or new incoming student, here's what you can look forward to. On 3 October 2023, we welcomed new international degree students at Charles University. We started officially with a welcome speech for all attendees, a bit about the history of CU and more.

Charles University hockey players, the UK Kings Prague, defeated rivals the ČVUT Engineers Prague representing 4:3 in the annual Battle of the Universities. The match was played in the Holešovice Sports Hall.

Kampus Hybernská has over the years grown to be a major focal point for Charles University events and Monday, which saw the launch of the new academic year, was no different. Attendees included not just students but also teachers and management.

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