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Charles University and the Brussels Institute for Geopolitics (BIG) have announced the winner of 2023 Essay Prize. Following a competitive selection process, Matěj Prášil from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University emerged the winner and will spend six months in Brussels.

The Neuron Foundation this year recognised numerous top scientists incl. experts from Charles University. The award for lifelong contribution to science went to Czech internationally-known chemist František Švec from the Faculty of Pharmacy.

“It is an unprecedented success,” says Martin Loebl, the head of the Department of Applied Mathematics at Charles University, regarding Hans Raj Tiwary. He has been awarded the Gödel Prize - one of the most prestigious awards in the field of computer science.

Dictionary.com chose “woman” as its word of the year for 2022, an apt choice which could apply to Charles University. In February, for the first time in its history, the position of rector was taken up by a woman: professor and  scientist Milena Králíčková. The events of 2022 demonstrated the importance and necessity of science more than ever.

“I want to be as productive and helpful within society as possible,” says Quynh Anh Vu, a Hanoi native and graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Quynh Anh received the Rector's Award recognising the best science graduates in April.

Charles University, founded on 7 April 1348, is celebrating its 674th birthday. On this occasion, the university awarded five scientists Donatio Universitatis Carolinae prizes. They are worth a financial reward of one million crowns.

Winning the “Book of the Year” award in one of Europe’s largest countries is a major success, not just for the author but for Czech culture as a whole. When it happens twice in a row, it speaks to something more: obsession, in a positive sense. That is the kind of success scientist Stanislav Komárek has enjoyed in Ukraine.

Three CU scientists receive Neuron Awards

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Thursday, 07 November 2019 15:25

Eight scientists – three of them from Charles University – received Neuron Awards at an official ceremony at the National Museum this week.

The former president of the Federal Republic of Germany, Joachim Gauck, has been awarded the international Charles IV Prize.

Pavla Horáková is well-known in literary circles as a respected translator, reporter for Czech Radio, and author. Her new novel called Teorie podivnosti (A Theory of Strangeness) received very positive reviews and has become a much sought-after title this holiday season*.

Professor Robert J. Aumann is a renowned Israeli-American mathematician who received his Ph.D. from MIT and is most closely associated with Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His ground-breaking work in game theory culminated in his receiving the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2005 (which he shared with Thomas Schelling).

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