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This month, Charles University became the first stop for a traveling exhibition about the Vienna Circle from the University of Vienna. The show was accompanied by a conference on the lasting influence of the group – which included philosophers and scientists such as Moritz Schlick and Otto Neurath.

Between Two Ages is the sub-caption of a new exhibition which opened at Charles University on Wednesday, marking the reign of Czech King Wenceslas IV, on the 600th anniversary of his death, a monarch who bridged the period of prosperity under his father, Charles IV, and religious and social upheaval which followed.

One hundred objects

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Monday, 03 June 2019 14:53

We are here outside the famous Carolinum – the heart and soul of Charles University in Prague. This year the university has been marking 100 years since the founding of Czechoslovakia and recently opened an exhibition entitled “Czechoslovakia in 100 objects”.

This weekend (November 3-4) saw the Frame Comics Festival, a two-day celebration of indie comics, held at the Carolinum. If you are a fan of personal stories, more niche artistic approaches and original graphic novels and children's books, this was the perfect chance to meet international authors and artists. And pick up a book for a loved one or a friend.

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