Rough weather and darkness – adversaries faced by FPES students

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October 18, 2011, By: Jiří Šafránek; staff, Section: i-Forum informs


The race bearing the name “Taják” has probably the longest tradition among the regular contests organized by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FPES). In the evening of Wednesday, October 19, the 42nd

After the opening tribute to Pavel Tajovský and other victims of the mountains from among the FPES students, doc. Jan Neuman welcomed „Taják’s“ wife Mrs. Vendulka Tajovská as well as her three sons and nine grandchildren. He also welcomed the students and a number of the FPES alumni who braved Wednesday’s inclement weather and turned up to meet their colleagues and friends again after another year.

Afterwards the rain-soaked race itself kicked off. Forty-three pairs ran out into the field for 90 minutes to score as many points as possible at 27 control points. The best results in the categories of the FPES students and graduates were achieved by:

  • Tereza Purschová – Jan Vosátka       57 points – time 85:28 min.
  • Lenka Vojtíková – Pavel Vojtík        56
  • points                      85:45 min.
  • Majda Svobodná – Štěpán Denk      54 points                    70:23 min.

V celkovém pořadí:

  • Míša Pačáková – Pavel Kurz                     57 points – time běhu    68:25 min.
  • Lucie Kadlecová – Petr Dvořák                57 points                      68:42 min.
  • Štěpánka Betková – Petr Pruner               57 points                      80:37min.


Despite the rough weather the race was a success. All control points were in the right places. The course was adequately demanding and the control points contained many surprises, as the runners themselves appreciated. Except a few scratches, all returned back from the forest in good health. Valuable prizes were handed out to the best ones and ballots were drawn for other prizes to be given out to those who did not make it to the medal positions. The process was closely watched especially because a four litre jar of pickled sausages was at stake. So see you next year somewhere around Prague, very probably on October 24, 2012!

We extend our thanks to all members of the section of tourism, sports and outdoor education of the FPES Department of Outdoor Sports and also to student Petr Špicar.

The Pavel Tajovský Memorial

Pavel Tajovský, at that time a young assistant at the Department of Sports and Outdoor Activities, was one of the main organizers of the first years of the FPES orienteering race. His enthusiasm and teaching skills attracted many students of the FPES to orienteering and outdoor activities. His earthly journey was ended all too early by an avalanche in the Low Tatras on February 6, 1980. He died aged 36. His colleagues and students named the FPES orienteering race in his honour as the Pavel Tajovský Memorial. Today it is run only as a night race.