Rector of Charles University Václav Hampl awarded best graduates of CU

středa, 12 březen 2014 10:09

At a ceremony at the CU Scientific Council, the Rector of Charles University, Professor Václav Hampl, today gave out awards to the best graduates of the University at the annual Rector’s Awards. Professor Hampl also bestowed a Rector’s Award for Distinction. The Rector’s Awards for the best graduates of Charles University are bestowed on exceptional students in both the bachelor’s and master’s study programmes who have achieved exceptional results in the scientific, research, sports or cultural sphere.


The Prof. MUDr. Karl Weigner Award for the best graduates from medical school was bestowed upon Bc. Radek Urban from the 3rd Faculty of Medicine. During his studies he also worked as a paramedic with the Ústí nad Labem Emergency Medical Service. Highly commendable as well was the first-aid training he gave to primary- and secondary-school students and social workers, as well  the assistance he gave at summer camps for children with varying types of disability.

The award was also bestowed upon MUDr. Michal Eid from the CU 2nd Faculty of Medicine, who worked at the Transplant Unit of the University Hospital in Motol, where he endeavoured to integrate with other staff and care for patients and their relatives as a member of the psychosocial care team. The award recognised his efforts to study children’s haematooncology. During his years at the hospital he showed that he was able to resist pressure and stress while communicating well with patients of all age groups.

The Prof. JUDr. Karl Engliš Award for the best graduates in the social sciences was bestowed upon Bc. Jana Hortová, who graduated from a study programme in economic theory at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She graduated with an average grade of 1.8 and passed her state exams with distinction from the dean of the faculty for her excellent thesis. The results of her thesis were so interesting, they may even be published in specialist journals.

The award was also bestowed upon Mgr. Marie Pechancová, a graduate of the Faculty of Law. Mgr Pechancová  completed her studies with a grade of 1.2. During her studies she was involved in several competitions in her field, was an active member of the Law Faculty Academic Club, led the Prager Deutscher Klub society and was published in specialist journals.

The Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Heyrovský Award for the best graduates in the sciences was bestowed upon Bc. Jana Marková from the Faculty of Science, who achieved an overall average grade of 1.8 over three years, being rated ‘excellent’ in the majority of her qualified exams. Her thesis was also rated ‘excellent’, and she enjoyed the same success in her state exams. One of the valued aspects of her work is her ability to, in the course of her work, expand her research beyond the original framework. She additionally had to cope with a disability while conducting field-work.

The award was also bestowed upon Mgr. Jan Hermann from the Faculty of Science. Mgr. Hermann studied chemistry and was amongst the very best students in his field – not only in his year, but over the entire existence of the department. He was rated ‘excellent’ in all exams, including his final exams. In the course of his thesis he developed his own computer code and a new method, which was successfully tested. His findings were published in the Journal of Chemical Physics, one of the most prestigious in the field.

The Josef Dobrovský Award for the best graduates of theology was bestowed upon Bc. Jiří Černý, a graduate of theological science at the CU Catholic Faculty of Theology. His chosen topic for his thesis, ‘The Spirituality of Marriage’, was not an easy one. Bc. Černý approached his chosen topic in a highly creative manner, resulting in a not only well-documented, but also deeply thoughtful, work.

The award was also bestowed upon Mgr. Pavel Roubík, a graduate of the theology study programme at the CU Protestant Faculty of Theology. Mgr. Roubík’s thesis, ‘Secularisation in the Czech Republic as a Theological Issue’, significantly exceeds the expected standard of master’s theses.

The Prof. PhDr. Václav Příhoda Award for the best graduates of pedagogical studies was bestowed upon Mgr. Jana Filipová, who graduated in the teaching of biology and chemistry for secondary schools. Her thesis reflects her interest in the application of modern laboratory instruments and approaches in biology to secondary-school teaching. She also created a set of teaching materials for the purposes of her thesis.

The Rector’s Award for Distinction is given to students for deeds or activities carried out during their studies and demonstrating exceptional civic bravery or sacrifice, the achievement of exceptional results in the course of their studies in the fields of science and research, exceptionally high commendation in the carrying out of cultural or artistic activities or excellent results in international competitions in the field of sports. Award-winners receive a letter from the Rector and a financial award.

The Rector’s Award for Distinction was bestowed upon Radovan Hudák and Tereza Cihlářová from the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Bc. Jaroslav Radoň, Martin Říha and Bc. Simona Baumrtová from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FTVS), Radka Cihlářová and Kateřina Brabcová from the 3rd Faculty of Medicine and PhDr. Marek Rusnák, M. A., from the Faculty of Social Sciences. Radovan Hudák received the award for co-authorship of the specialist medical publications Memorix anatomie and Memorix histologie. Awards for exceptional results in the field of sport and promotion of the FTVS were bestowed upon: Jaroslav Radoň (canoe racing), Martin Říha (whitewater slalom) and Simona Baumrtová (swimming); Radka Cihlářová, Tereza Cihlářová and Kateřina Brabcová were recognised for excellent results in sport aerobics. Marek Rusnák is amongst the most active publishing postgraduate students; in the space of two years he has published as many as seven impacted articles.

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