Exhibition in Municipal House presents educational programmes of Art Education Department

středa, 12 březen 2014 10:10

The educational programmes presented in the exhibition were created between 2011-13 for exhibition projects of the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague and Galerie Rudolfinum in cooperation with the Art Education Department of the CU Faculty of Pedagogy through the NAKI joint research grant, awarded by the Czech Ministry of Culture. The exhibition will run until 18 March.

Through these educational programmes, both institutions wish to inspire visitors to the exhibition – the wider public, schools and special-interest groups – to become creatively involved in exhibits and facilitate deeper understanding of the issue. “The group of researchers from the Museum of Applied Arts made the primary contribution to educational programmes exhibited, while the team from the Art Education Department designed and realised the programmes exhibited at Galerie Rudolfinum,” explained Mgr. Vladimíra Sehnalíková, curator for education at the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague.

Educational programmes may take the form of so-called active zones within exhibitions, guided tours, lectures, task sheets, art workshops, programmes for schools and so on.

The testimonies of everyone who participated in the preparation and realisation of the educational programmes about what they saw and experienced in relation to the exhibition are documented at the exhibition through photos, educational materials and drawn or written responses by participants in the programme.

The Educational programmes of the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague and Galerie Rudolfinum 2011-2013 exhibition will run at the Municipal House (náměstí Republiky 5, Prague 1) until 18 March and will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Admission: free.

Exhibition designed by: Vladimíra Sehnalíková (UPM), Dita Hálová (UPM), Marie Fulková (KVV PedF UK)

Autor: Lucie Kettnerová
Foto: red.