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In 1990, he became the first ever Czech Minister of the Environment and was a member of the Czech National Council and a senator. Professor Bedřich Moldan was also the founder of the Centre for Environmental Issues of Charles University.

Charles Games has launched Beecarbonize, a new educational game about the climate crisis. “Through the game you explore the new technologies, protect nature and modernise industry to reduce carbon emissions,” says developer Ondřej Trhoň.

Dr. Erik Meijaard is a highly-recognised ecologist and conservationist who has been based in Borneo since the early 1990s.  Last semester, students were able to attend his course on conservation practices and management at Charles University’s Faculty of Science, based on studies and research he and his team have conducted for years.

The UN estimates that by 2050, there will be 9.7 billion people on Earth. Facing problems such as overpopulation and the climate crisis, some people are opting to remain childless. Šárka Stříbrská, a CU graduate student who conducted research into the reasons some people choose not to have kids.