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“I have actually never done anything else,” is how Marek Stibal, who has been studying biological processes in glacial ecosystems for almost 20 years.

This year will be the 15th that the head of the Department of Sociology at Charles University Jiří Vinopal has headed a famous survey mapping changes in Czech pubs and pub life. Learn how the Czech pub itself was reinvented, what it meant for classic lowly establishments known colloquially as “čtyřky” (No. 4s), and how the social aspect of pub life changed.

Monday saw the start of a two-day meeting of Charles University’s International Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting evaluating research and future progress at the institution on a number of different fronts. On the agenda, for example, were the university’s Primus program for funding exceptional young scientists as well as the work and progress of individual faculties. ...

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