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Forum is Charles University’s official print and online magazine. The magazine’s editorial desk reserves the right to publish material submitted (in whole or in part). Forum does not reprint articles previously published elsewhere. The magazine is for a general audience with a specific focus on the popularisation of science and research.

If you are sending a submission, please make sure to include your full legal name as well as a means of contact (ideally, a mobile phone number), for additional consultation and communication, if required. Send your submission to: Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript..

All articles submitted must adhere to the following technical and formal criteria:

Format: Submissions should be sent only in electronic form (ideally in .doc or .rtf)

Headlines: are limited to 60 characters or less including spaces.

Lead paragraph: should not be longer than 300 characters incl. spaces, with a maximum of five sentences.

Articles: should not run longer than 5,000 characters incl. spaces; interviews can be longer – up to 8,000 characters in length, incl. spaces.

Contributors: should provide background information including a brief bio, contact and workplace information, and information about specific specialisation in science and research, if applicable.

Editing: Forum editors reserve the right to make editorial changes as needed, whether in grammar, fact correction or other changes in overall style. Final approval of a given article is up to the editorial desk.

Illustrative material: Authors are responsible in cases where they provide illustrative material. The rights to the material must be exclusively theirs. Accurate descriptions of the material must also be provided.

Other data: Files larger than 10 MB should be sent using a free data transfer service on the internet. Photographs should be sent in the JPG format.

Unsolicited articles or other data are not returned, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

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