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Friends of Charles University this week attended the 20th annual university garden party, traditionally held on 24 June. The well-established festivity, held under the auspices of the Czech Senate, took place at Wallenstein Garden.

Almost six months have passed since tragedy struck the Faculty of Arts at Charles University, claiming 14 lives. Forum discussed key steps since taken with the head of the Central Crisis Staff of CU, Otomar Sláma, and security expert Zdeněk Kalvach.

Representatives of the eight prestigious universities that make up the 4EU+ Alliance met over two days at CU this week to chart the course for the coming decade. CU, as one of the founding members, was a fitting venue for a meeting on the newest goals.

Kampus Hybernská has over the years grown to be a major focal point for Charles University events and Monday, which saw the launch of the new academic year, was no different. Attendees included not just students but also teachers and management.

Every three years, Ireland's most prestigious university, Trinity College Dublin, advances its strategy for communications and PR on and off campus. The slogan of the PR department’s latest approach us Unity in Diversity.

Seventy languages are taught at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. This is unique not only here, but also in Europe. Students from other disciplines can study Finnish or Hungarian and boost their chances of finding a job using their language skills.

Science communication – raising  awareness and understanding among the general public, while capturing the thrill of successful science – is something of an art. It isn’t always easy to communicate effectively. But British experts agree, it is essential and it's important to get it right.