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Many fans knew Pavla Horáková as the author of the Sexton Beetles trilogy. In 2018, Pavla gained renown for A Theory of Strangeness, which won the Magnesia Litera prize. She now has a second ambitious novel out called In the Heart of Europe.

Hillel J. Kieval is an historian at Washington University in St. Louis. An expert on the history of the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia, Kieval taught a course at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University this semester based on his newest book: Blood Inscriptions: Science, Modernity, and Ritual Murder at Europe's Fin de Siecle.

Anežka Kuzmičová is a researcher at Charles University who, for the last two years, has conducted creative research into children’s reading. Scientists often study or emphasise literacy and language acquisition but there has been relatively little study of what children actually experience as they read.

The Covid-19 pandemic spelt the end of a lot: in-class teaching, sports competitions, concerts. CU cultural anthropologist David Doubek, better known as the musician and producer Ventolin, says he bounced back by spendng more time in nature.

Magazín Forum má svůj podcast, vlastně Forum Radio! Prvním zpovídaným – v angličtině – je Julius Lukeš, cestovatel a absolvent 3. LF UK, který navštívil více než 100 zemí světa. Premiérový díl podcastů, jež nabídneme v českém i anglickém jazyce, přinášíme k 674. narozeninám UK.

Julius Lukeš is a medical doctor, scientist, traveller and Charles University graduate who has visited more than 100 countries worldwide. He is our first guest in the new Radio Forum. Launched on the occasion of Charles University’s 674th birthday!