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The Czech labor market situation has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and in recent months by the war in Ukraine. What are the main characteristics of the Czech labor market now? Katarína Stehlíková talks about these issues with Klára Kalíšková.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz gave a key lecture at Charles University on Monday on the future of Europe and the European Union. A response, in no small part, to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which shook up decades of security strategy. 

What are the main challenges children and teachers have to face in our schools due to an unprecedented inflow of Ukrainian children and youth into our educational system? In Talking Economics, Katarína Stehlíková talks to Daniel Münich 

In a fortnight, Czechs will take up the presidency of the Council of the EU, prompting an official visit to Prague by the president of the EP, Roberta Metsola. She was the main guest in a debate at Charles University on the future of Europe.

Russia’s war on Ukraine has been ongoing for 100 days. There are no signs of the conflict abating – just the opposite. Support for Ukrainians is enormous. Charles University is among those helping, aiding Ukrainian students and academics and more.

Zuzana Schreiberová is a graduate of the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University and director of the Multicultural Centre Prague (MKC Prague). During her studies, she volunteered and helped people fleeing the war in Syria and Iraq. She now passes on her experience to others helping Ukrainians who fled the war.

Charles University recently hosted a one-day conference at the Patriotic Hall bringing together top members of the legislative branches from the Czech, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Latvian Parliaments, to mark 100 years since the Czechoslovaks gave de jure recognition to the three Baltic states. The event also focussed on lessons for today.

Students from Charles University across all faculties have been helping to raise money for refugees from Ukraine. Most recently, students from two medical faculties at Charles University organised a charity hockey match that helped raise hundreds of thousands of crowns in support.

“I don't know a single Belarusian who supports the war in Ukraine,” says Larysa Aharkava, a Charles University graduate. She came to the Czech Republic from Belarus at the age of 18 and has been working for Google for the last 12 years.

Following the pandemic, Charles University students are once again helping in tough times, providing aid to Ukrainian refugees arriving in the country. “Their efforts are remarkable,” says Charles University Chancellor Michal Zima.

“The Russian occupiers are dropping bombs on civilians,” says Tamara Bardina from Chernihiv, Ukraine, a student at Charles University. Her indignation was in immediate response to the invasion on 24 February. Since, the situation in Ukraine has only grown worse.

It was only last week that Vladimir Putin ordered Russian forces to invade Ukraine yet already the conflict feels months old. Since, there has been fierce resistance from the Ukrainians. Forum spoke to Professor Emil Aslan, an expert in Security Studies at Charles University.

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